There are many reasons to let us install your Trex composite fencing in Arkansas. Fences made from composite materials are strong, durable, and mostly unaffected by water like a wood fence. It is also low maintenance! Most of the time all you need to do is hose it down and let it dry. Stubborn areas can be taken care of with a pressure washer and a scrub brush.Composite fencing can also be put up very easily which makes it even more appealing.The steps to installation are similar to wood fencing, there is no need for extra tools which are expensive and a lot of people view as a waste of money since they will only be used for one project. The ability to customize your fence and make it unique is much better with a composite fence.

There are environmental benefits to this particular type of fence as well. The people who make composite decking and fencing were “green” way before it became popular. Most composite fencing is made with fifty to one hundred recycled materials. It keeps plastics like shrink wrap and plastic grocery bags out of landfills, and it creates uses for leftover wood pulp from paper mills that would usually be wasted. Another benefit is that it isn’t laced with harmful chemicals like treated wood is. These chemicals can sometimes leak into the surrounding area especially if the fence is old and decaying. Sawdust from pressure treated wood can be hazardous to your health in ingested. Our experts and top-notch customer service will install your new fence with a smile. Not all fencing companies are created equal, see why we are the best.