The chain link custom fence is probably one of the most widely used fence types out there. Most of us can remember a few times in our youth scaling one of these fences and jumping over. The holes in the fence served as a perfect place for feet to go. It was almost as if the fences were begging to be climbed! This traditional classic style fence will never go out of style. The chain link fence is versatile in the ways it can be used. For example, they can be used as wrestling steel cage matches and backstops for baseball and softball fields. Notably chain link fences were once used at race tracks and used to slow down cars who ran off the track. For its simple look, it has a rich history of development and installation.

The chain link fence was developed in 1844 on a cloth weaving machine believe it or not! Imagine how far we’ve come with technological advances to speed up that tedious process. Sure, you are most likely just using your new chain link fence to border your property, but just as intricate the process to manufacture the fence the installation is is quite the process as well.It is best to let a professional handle this!  There are many pieces of the chain link puzzle that are required in order to make your fence look its best for many years to come. Look at your new fence with pride knowing what it took to get there.