There are many benefits of using wrought iron over other metals. In addition to its unique appearance, wrought iron is an exceptionally durable metal. In fact, because of its low carbon content, it not only makes for an amazing wrought iron fence in Springdale, but it can also be compared to steel. Though steel is strong, it is not versatile and lacks the same charm. Here are a few benefits of choosing wrought iron:

  • Durability
    • If well maintained, wrought iron cannot be easily broken or damaged, even by severe weather. Other than periodic painting, it requires very little maintenance. Since it wears so little, wrought iron has the potential to last a lifetime.
  • Heavy
    • Wrought iron is an exceptionally heavy material, so it can be used in situations where lighter weight metals such as aluminum are not suitable. For this reason, wrought iron fencing is considered a stronger option than other commonly used fencing materials.
  • Malleable
    • Wrought iron has an elastic, malleable nature, which means it can be bent into a variety of shapes and designs.
  • Affordable
    • While the initial cost of installing wrought iron can be expensive, the cost is still comparable to other metals. This is due to wrought iron’s durability and since it wears so well, it does not need replacement as often as other metals. As a result, less money will be spent on maintenance, repair, or replacement.

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