At FenceCo Inc., we work one-on-one with our customers to provide the best custom fences to fit your individual needs. If you live in the Arkansas or Oklahoma area, installing an ornamental fence can be a great addition to your home. As a rapidly growing popular choice for residential fences, this type of fence can add an incredible contrast to stone and brick built homes. Welded from metals such as wrought iron, steel and aluminum, an ornamental fence can add substantial beauty and security to your land and property.

Ornamental Versatility

Ornamental metal fences work well with a variety of properties. From private homes to apartment complexes to commercial office buildings, they can be used to enhance the privacy and security of your property. They can also be used to close off pool areas and keep your pets safe from the dangers of busy roads.

Extreme Durability

Since the metals used for ornamental fences tend to be very strong and durable, they can withstand harsh weather conditions without showing any signs of wear and tear. They also require little to no maintenance and upkeep for a lifetime of security.

custom ornamental iron fenceBeautiful Designs

Ornamental fences are known for their attractive and aesthetic appeal, which is why they are a favorite for residential and commercial consumers. A metal fence can not only add a new level of security to your property, but it can also provide a unique style and sophistication to your home. There are a variety of patterns available on the market today with an array of designs that are sure to help your home stand out.

Resistant To Rust

If you’re looking to install a fence that won’t require maintenance like painting, repairs and additional upkeep, an ornamental fence is your best option. Made from rust-resistant materials, your metal fence will retain its good looks for many years to come.

FenceCo Custom Fence Professionals

Choosing a residential fence for your home can be overwhelming. At FenceCo, Inc., we can help make your property pop with our customized steel ornamental fencing options. For over 20 years, our custom fence professionals have provided Northwest Arkansas  with experienced and trustworthy fencing services. Get an instant quote today!