With the Arkansas winter quickly approaching, it’s understandable why so many homeowners put off installing a fence around their property until the summer months. Standing outside in the cold and bitter snow certainly isn’t appealing to most people, but that doesn’t mean you should rule out outdoor projects completely. Installing a fence during the winter months actually has many benefits, including the fact that you’ll get to enjoy your new fence as soon as the snow melts!

Why Install A Fence During The Winter?dreamstime_xxl_23083276

While it may sound like a silly idea initially, installing a fence around your home or business during the winter months can actually save you a lot of trouble. To most homeowners, summers feels like the best time to purchase a new fence, so finding an available fencing contractor can be extremely difficult and competitive. When you look for a fence company to install a custom fence during the less desireable winter months, it’ll be much easier to find a contractor available to get the job done.

Less Damage To Your Garden

If you’re an avid gardener, or you’ve spent valuable time and money constructing the perfect landscape outside of your home, installing a fence during the winter can cause significantly less damage and harm to your outdoor space. When you install a fence around your home during the summer, you have to worry about damaging the beautiful flowers and shrubs you worked so hard to plant. Instead of ruining your picturesque landscape with a fencing project, contact FenceCo today to schedule your winter fence installation project!

Quick Fence Installation

At FenceCo, our fencing experts have found that fence installation can go significantly quicker during the winter months. If your property has a vast array of trees or bushes, our contractors will have to take the time to properly trim them before we install your custom fence. It’s much less complicated to install a fence during the winter because most of the leaves will have already fallen off of your shrubbery, providing a clear view of your property.

Enjoy Your Fence When Spring Arrives

One of the best perks of installing a fence during the winter is to give you something to look forward to in the spring! Don’t wait for those precious summer months to get your fence project started — contact the professionals at FenceCo this winter to schedule a free fence consultation today!