When you decide to install a wood fence, you are faced with a decision to make: leave the wood bare, or stain it? At FenceCo, we believe that finishing your wood privacy fence is the best route to take. The benefits of staining your fence are numerous, as are the risks you assume when leaving the wood bare. Here are two of the main benefits to staining your fence:


Staining your fence can dramatically alter the appearance. Depending on the type of stain you use, you can achieve a wide range of different looks. Some stains contain dyes or pigments, and can change the color of your wood. If you already love the hue of the wood, choosing a clear stain will help to make the wood grain pop and really highlight the natural colors.


The main benefit to staining your fence is the improved durability that stain provides. Your fence is a major investment, and it should last a long time. Staining your fence will help to protect it from a wide variety of hazards, which we will look at in detail below.

  • Water
    Water can be extremely damaging to your fence. Your fence can be exposed to water in a
    variety of different situations. No matter how your fence comes in contact with water, the damage can be severe, and possibly irreversible. When water seeps into the pores of your wood, it can cause it to warp, or even worse, rot. If you fence begins to rot, you may end up having to replace large sections of it. Rot is a major problem and usually requires the wood to be removed and replaced. Luckily, staining your fence seals the pores, providing a barrier to the damaging effects of water.
  • UV Rays
    The UV rays from the sun can damage your fence over time. Eventually, you will need to replace a fence that has suffered from UV damage. Even before that happens, your fence will quickly begin to look gray, worn out, weathered, and altogether unappealing. Your fence should have a positive aesthetic impact on your property, not a negative one. Avoid the eyesore and eventual demise of your fence by staining it.
  • Pests
    Wood attracts a variety of different pests, but termites are the ones you have to worry about the most. Termites can destroy an entire fence in a surprisingly short amount of time. Furthermore, once the termites are done with your fence, they are likely to move on to your home. Sealing your fence with a good stain will help to avoid this problem altogether.

As you can see, staining your fence is essential to get the most out of your investment. When you are ready to install a custom fence on your property in Springdale, we can help. We have the knowledge and expertise to install your fence quickly and correctly, so you can start reaping the many benefits of your new fence. Call us today to learn more or for your instant quote.