At FenceCo, we’ve helped hundreds of Arkansas residents quickly and efficiently replace their old, worn-out fences for new, long-lasting models. We believe a well-installed fence does more than improve your home’s curb appeal, providing sturdy borders around your property and keeping your family members and pets safe from harm. With the variety of fence materials out there, it can be difficult determining when your vinyl, wood or picket fence needs replacing. If your home’s current fence has endured structural damage from Mother Nature or other external elements, it could be time to consider replacing it. Continue reading to learn more about the unique differences in fencing materials, so you can make the best fence repair and replacement decisions for your home.

Wood Fence Replacementdreamstime_xxl_8845417

Natural wood fences are a beautiful addition to any home or property. Since wood is a natural material, homes with wooden fences are more prone to suffer damages during extreme weather conditions. If you live in an area that attracts harsh cold winters and humid hot summers, your wood fence could be deteriorating at an extremely rapid pace. While wood decay is a natural process for wood fences, you’re better off replacing the entire fence than trying to repair it’s integrity time and time again. If your wood fence is suffering from noticeable wood rot, contact the fence installation professionals at FenceCo today.

Chain Link Fence Replacement

Chain link fences are commonly found around commercial buildings to help keep unwanted visitors at bay. While this type of fence provides ample security and protection, the fact that they’re made of metal makes them more prone to rust. For this reason, it’s more likely that your chain link fence will need certain areas repaired or replaced throughout its lifetime. If you’ve started to notice areas that are deteriorating or rusting on your chain link fence, contact a professional fence contractor immediately.

Wrought Iron Fence Replacement

Wrought iron fences are mostly known for their beauty and durability and require very little upkeep to maintain throughout the year. These fences can make an excellent security fence for those seeking high-level protection, and unlike wood fences, they won’t rot, warp or deteriorate during their lifespan. It’s important to note, however, that wrought iron fences can develop rust spots. Rust spots typically appear when there is a chip or scratch in the fence’s paint. If you notice any rust spots on your wrought-iron fence, contact FenceCo right away. We’ll take the time to thoroughly evaluate the health of your fence and will recommend the best repair or replacement option for your home and budget.

Vinyl Fence Replacementdreamstime_xxl_5871931

Vinyl fences are a great option for homeowners looking for an almost maintenance-free fencing solution. When a vinyl fence gets dirty, all it takes is a light spray from the hose to clean off dirt and grime to leave it looking immaculately clean. Every now and then, however, damage can occur to your vinyl fence from a heavy snowfall or vehicle run-in. In these cases, you should work with a fencing contractor to help replace the impacted panels or pickets to get your fence back to its normal structure. If your vinyl fence has incurred more serious damages, it may be easier to replace the fence in its entirety.

Trex Composite Fence Replacement

Composite fencing is a beautiful and long-lasting solution to wood and vinyl fences. This low maintenance, premium composite product is resistant to fading, scratching, staining and even mold growth. If you’re tired of replacing broken boards in your natural wood fence, contact the professionals at FenceCo to learn more about the benefits of installing a trex composite fence!

Choosing A Fence Company

When it comes to choosing the best fence for your home, there’s no shortage of materials to choose from. If your current home’s fence is looking worn-down or rusty, contact the fence experts at FenceCo. We’ll schedule a day to visit your property to evaluate the current condition of your fence and we’ll work with you one-on-one to explain the pros and cons of each fencing material so you can make the best decision for your individual needs. Browse our residential and commercial fence galleries online to view some of our work or call us today!