Those who are considering fence installations for their property will have a lot of decisions to make in order to find a product that meets their style, needs, and budget. From farm fences for the livestock to chain link fences for a dog run, you may have a variety of needs for your Springdale home, which is where FenceCo’s experts can help! Our local fence company in Arkansas has striven to set the standard for more than 20 years, delivering outstanding solutions to exceed our customers’ high expectations. We work hard to be your Top Rated Local® fence company in Northwest Arkansas, and we’re here and ready to offer help in any way we can.

One style that many homeowners elect to utilize for long, graceful fencing is the split rail style. Split rail fencing is as sturdy and beautiful as it is versatile, offering cost-effective fencing solutions to meet your property’s needs. Today, our fence contractors will take a look into the benefits of choosing split rails for your place and offer a few handy tips to help you when the time comes to roll your sleeves up. When done, be sure to reach out to FenceCo for a quote on your upcoming project. We’re proud to be among the top fencing companies in the state, and we’re ready to show you how we secured that position!

Benefitting from Split Rails

While our team has spent plenty of time describing the benefits of split rail fencing, we feel it’s important to note why many consumers choose this style for their homes. Split rails are not recommended for homeowners who are looking to maximize privacy, nor are they intended to be used to improve security. However, you can justify the cost of investment with:

  • Property markings. The vast stretches of land across The Natural State can make it a challenge to delineate where your neighbor’s property ends and where yours begins. This strategy is also helpful for denoting what property is yours along public roadways or areas where it may not be easy to tell.
  • Incredible cost-efficiency. The design of a split rail fence minimizes the amount of material needed to create a physical barrier for your property. This commercial and residential fencing option consists of two or three rails across the span of the yard with posts in between each section for support. The airy feel of split rail fences means you will have to pay for less lumber, saving money on that final price tag.
  • Spacious appearances. Building off of the previous point, your split rail fence will provide an aesthetically pleasing barrier that does not obstruct the view, allowing the scenery to come out in full force. Split rail fences are designed to offer quality without visual obstructions, giving your place a scenic look that is sure to last for years.
  • Long-term results. One consideration for split rail options is the maintenance. While vinyl split rail fencing offers better results, the truth is that your fencing will require some degree of upkeep to ensure a high level of quality. When properly cared for, your fence will be able to provide beauty and support for the long term.

Split Rail Building Tips

This fence style is designed to be sweet and simple. However, if mistakes are made at any point in the fence installation process, the results can be very costly! FenceCo is here and ready to help, offering professional fence services that are sure to be sturdy and concise. If you want to roll your sleeves up and tackle this task, we commend you. A few simple tips that may prove useful when it comes time to start setting posts include:

  • Centering your posts. Measure twice, cut once could not be more appropriate for fence work. Split rail fences rely on precisely sized rails fitting into the allotted slots on each post. Your standard rail be 11 feet long from end to end, making it essential to space out each post accordingly. Small changes in elevation can end up affecting your measurements, so be sure to double check before you cut! It’s vital to allow for the correct amount of overlap of the rail intruding on the post (3 inches is the goal). If you space it out too far, your railing can easily fall out. Placing the posts too close together will not allow all of the rails to fit properly.
  • Securing rails. The fitting system of split rail fences enables the long pieces of railing to come out if the need arises. This is also true when it comes to accidental dislodging, making it important to secure each rail for long-term benefits. Most ranchers and homeowners find success by placing a nail on each end and corner to minimize movement. Shorter sections, corners, and other sections are the most likely to move and fall apart. By securing these pieces, you’ll be able to prevent your rails from falling out and the subsequent repairs that are necessary to correct such an occurrence.
  • Allow for hardware. The devices needed for a fence gate will certainly take up space, necessitating the need for roughly two inches of extra space. Failing to do so will result in headaches, as gates are often the hardest part of any split rail project.
  • Setting posts correctly. Setting the correct depth and utilizing concrete for your project will help to prevent long-term issues when it comes to settling and post movement. Your rails place a heavy burden on the posts to hold up under pressure, necessitating the need for cement to provide the support needed for every season. Many property owners have been happy with the result of their DIY project, only to return in the spring to find a fence full of issues. Properly placing your posts will help to create long-term results with minimal setbacks.

Installing a split rail fence can prove to be beneficial for many reasons. DIYers who properly accomplished the task can take pride in enjoying their beautiful new fence system. For those who are not excited about becoming a self-employed fencing contractor, FenceCo can help! For more than two decades, our experts have worked hard to create personalized solutions for each and every client. We’re proud to be your local fence company in Arkansas, and we’re always here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to receive a quote on your fencing project!