As a business or homeowner, you’re looking to maximize the returns from any investment you make. From the small purchases in your house to the vehicle care plan for your fleet, it’s important to get the most out of your supplies. This can prove true for many things on the property, including your wood fence. This material has long been the classic choice in our country, delivering beautiful aesthetics and long-term convenience for a wide range of uses. While your wood fence is as beautiful as it is durable, the total wear and tear from the sun and weather can begin to break down your system. It’s important to take care of your fences, as failing to do so can result in dangerous conditions and costly repairs. If your fence is beyond repair, it may be time to find a local fence company in Arkansas with the skills and experience needed to provide the best outcome for every client. For more than 20 years, FenceCo has proudly served as your source for the best fence installations in the industry, focusing on customer satisfaction as our metric for success.

If you’re in need of one of the top fence companies out of Springdale, our team of contractors will be happy to help. We strive to deliver the best services, products, and advice to help set the standard for fencing services across the country. Today, we’ll highlight a few wood fence maintenance tips to help you take care of your fencing for better long-term results. When finished, be sure to reach out to our fence experts for assistance with your property!

Washing Time

The first step in maintaining your fence should be to wash it with a pressure washer. Homeowners with new fencing should remember that it is best to wait before treating their wood fence, with a year as a safe mark before getting to work. We recommend buying or renting a power washer that is tailored for this type of work, as investing in a larger machine can actually damage your fencing. We recommend utilizing a washer that puts out 2,700 PSI or less with a wide-angle tip that can distribute moisture accordingly. There are different cleaners available to help you based on your specific needs and plans.

Spot-Checks Are Your Friend

While waiting for your freshly washed fence to dry, now would be a good time to inspect the line for any damages or loose hardware. Homeowners with damaged fences that are unable to support themselves properly may be in need of professional fence installation services. While checking, keep an eye out for any sort of problem, including warping, cracking, graying, rot, insect invasions, or any other detrimental event. Check your posts for stability as well, as these points are responsible for securing the entire perimeter.

Supportive Staining

It’s important after you scrub your fence clean to allow it plenty of time to dry before applying your stain. Wood stain is petroleum-based, meaning that it will seep into the wood for a secured bond. This material helps to protect your natural fence from the elements, ranging from harmful UV rays to pesky insects. Once your fence is dry enough, it’s time to begin the staining process. It’s essential at this point to follow the instructions for your stain properly, as failing to do so can have costly consequences later on! You can utilize a brush or power sprayer for this task, applying the coats evenly and in multiple applications for the best result. When done correctly, your stain will protect your fence from moisture, sun, and other natural dangers until it is time for another clean and stain installment. If you do not perform the stain process correctly, you may be stuck with unsightly stains that actually do more harm than good for your property!

Once the stain is applied, now may be an ideal time to check the hardware of your fence, including the hinges and handles. Taking care of your wood fence may sound like a nuisance, but doing so can result in years of quality enjoyment. Annual upkeep can keep your fence line looking great for the long haul, enhancing your home’s curb appeal in the process. As your Top Rated Local® fence company in Arkansas, FenceCo is dedicated to helping you achieve the best outcome for your property. From gates to privacy fences, our builders do it all with pride. Contact us today to learn about our services or to receive a quote for your fence project