Its past time for another chat. We have been very busy over the summer, creating

more enjoyable outdoor experiences for our customers, better security for people and

pets, saving lives of children preventing potential drowning, and raising the value

and asthetics of customers property.

No matter what type of fencing you need whether it is ornamental fence, privacy

fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, or custom fence, the first thing you need to do to

spot potential risk during the estimate process is to establish that the company is

reputable. Do they have verified customers reviews on their web page? How long

has the company been in business? On the initial site visit, is the representative

talking money, or are they talking about your fencing needs? If they start off talking

money, most likely that is all they are interested in. Are they a “jack of all trades”

or is their only business fencing? How long have they been a local company? Also

if a a deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Another caution area is trusting 3

business bureau. Here are a couple of examples. I know a company that a few years

ago was listed with the better business bureau as a gold member. The owner of the

company had been deceased for several months and another person was continuing

the company, and ripping people off. We notified the bbb, and their response was to

do nothing, all the while wanting to sell us a membership. Another example comes

from several articles I read about a company in Texas was listed on homeadvisor.

That company took peoples money. Sometimes the homeowner received shoddy

workmanship, and sometimes they received nothing at all. The point is, if you can

buy yourself a good name instead of earning it, then it isnt a good name for very


If you are looking to enjoy your property more with privacy fence, contain or

exclude children or pets with chain link fence, or add value and security to your

property or pool with an ornamental fence, or add the convenience and beauty of a

custom gate and automatic opener , you need to do business with a trustworthy

company. Fenceco is the name you can trust.

Until next time

Tom Tenbrook

rd party sites, such as homeadvisor or better