It’s just a fence.  I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that phrase.  Is it just a fence or is it?  To be perfectly honest, it is NOT just a fence.   We build fences to protect our power supply, we build chain link security fences around our electrical generating plants, and electrical substations, and to protect our natural gas supply.  We build ornamental iron or steel fences to prevent children from drowning in swimming pools and retention ponds.  We build wood privacy fences to help secure people’s possessions, to keep a much beloved pet safe, and block predators’ views.  We build ornamental fences, vinyl fences, and other types to enhance the value of people’s property.  We build security fences to protect our food supply, and water supply.  We build custom gates, and install professional gate operators for neighborhood security, individual security, and to protect belongings that are in storage for a while.  And that is just a few.  So is it really just a fence or does it have a much greater value.  So when you think of purchasing a fence, don’t just look at how much does it cost, but also think what it costs to not put up that fence or gate.  Sometimes it might cost a little more to get a better product that gives you much more value than the added cost.  It is NOT just a fence.