Goodness how the time flies. It is now the outdoor season, and time to start taking action to make a nice outdoor area for entertaining, play, or just a peaceful place to be. A new fence is just the way to make that happen.

There should be many things to consider when building a fence for your property.

  1. What is the purpose of your fence? Security? Safety? Privacy? Esthetics?
  2. Value? How much is it worth? Not just the initial cost, but if you decide to relocate in a few years, is the fence improvement going to add value to your property?
  3. POA or city rules concerning type or height, or location of your fence.
  4. Permit?
  5. How quickly do you want to make it happen?

Here at Fenceco, we are always trying to stay up to date on what type, style, and material of fence products that will serve our customers best interests. We are adding a new line of composite fence that should be a great value for our customers. This new composite material will not fade, abates noise, is strong enough to withstand hail, not to mention the appealing appearance. Just a quick note, whether you are planning an ornamental fence to go around your pool, a chain link fence around your back yard, or a privacy fence, sooner is less expensive than later. Right now all material prices are going upward. We are seeing steel pricing moving up quickly. Our suppliers are telling us there will be more price increases in the future, and also shortages will cause delay in fulfillment.